How to Keep Guests Coming Back to Your Water Park?

There are many different options for summertime fun. These options can range from outdoorsy things, like camping, hiking, and canoeing, or to adrenaline pumping, like roller-coasters and white water rafting. With all the different choices for summer fun, it is important to make your water park a good competitor. These are several things that can help.

First, having competitive prices is important. Group deals, family packs, and season passes can all bring groups in. The more people in the park the better. Saving money on tickets often leads guest to choosing your locations, and often will allow them to spend money in the park on food and other attractions that they might not otherwise.

Once the guests are in, it is time to wow them. Having a friendly staff great them can help them feel welcomed. It is important that the staff keeps the park clean. Janitors might be there specifically to clean, but other employees can be trained to look for spills and messes. They can also be encouraged to pick up trash that they notice. Having frequent trash cans will encourage guests to help as well. This provides an environment that helps customers feel welcomed.

Restored Water Slide
Wowing guest with variety

Wowing the guest can also be done with the attractions. Having a variety of slides is important to keep guests excited and busy all day. Racing slides can be fun as they add a level of competition that can be repeated over and over again. Tube slides and group slides also provide variety. They can be ridden over and over again with people changing groupings to enjoy the company of all their friends and family. Slides with twists, turns, tunnels, and drops all keep guests’ excitement and adrenaline pumping. This helps them keep the excitement level high. Having a special feature, like a lazy river or wave pool, can also keep guests busy and happy.

Attractions can be more than rides. Having different foods can provide a special treat for guests of all ages. Other attractions can be fun games, picnic areas, and gift shops. Providing clean restrooms and changing areas is a definite plus. Most people would prefer not to be stuck wearing a wet swimsuit home. It gets the seats wet and is plain uncomfortable. Clean restrooms might seem like a small thing, but it definitely leaves an impression on guests.

Guests also want to know that their safety and that of their child is a priority. Having a large staff and plenty of lifeguards definitely helps customers feel safer and more relaxed. Safety is also evident in rides and structures that are well maintained. Guests remember and notice when small changes happen. These changes can be small like fixing cracked concrete or bigger like shutting a ride down for a quick safety inspection. Closed rides are annoying, but knowing that providing a safe environment is important to the company, helps customers feel comfortable coming back.

When a company takes the customer’s experience to heart and does their best to provide a clean, safe, and inviting environment, guests can feel the difference, even if they cannot pinpoint the reasoning. This keeps them happy and coming back.


What Are The Best Water Slides?

There are many different types of water slides that draw attention to a water park. Different people have different preferences, but having a variety is the best way to attract guests. When expanding or building a new water park, it is best to keep a variety of slides that are safe and attractive in mind.

One common guest favorite is racing slides. These slides can come in a variety of forms, but having a competition allows multiple people to slide at once, which is a huge benefit to competition slides. One of the most common racing slides is to have two long slides, that include steep drops, side by side. These are fun, whether you race a friend or a stranger. Another twist on the race slide is to have several long slides that allow the use of mats. These slides also offer the fun of competition, but on a new level. This allows entire groups to compete. It also provides a much faster moving line. Having something to ride on always brings extra attention to a slide. There are definitely only pros for providing this kind of slide to guests.

Water slide restoration
Water slide races are fun for everyone, win or lose.

Another fan favorite is tube slides. Slides that allow for the use of tubes often have twists and turns that regular slides cannot always provide. They also add the element of trying to stay on the tube at the end. Falling off the tube can be a lot of fun, but staying on the slide earns major bragging rights. Everyone enjoys watching their friends fall in the pool at the end. The tube slide can be taken up a notch by having rides that allow for double, triple, or group tube rides. Again this allows lines to move at an accelerated rate, which is always nice. These team or group rides allow guests to enjoy rides with the friends and family, so it is a definite win.

Another slide that can help around out the variety is the tunnel slide. Tunnel slides can be done to both regular slides that an individual lays down in or a slide that allows tubed riders. Going into dark tunnels allows for an extra element of surprise and maybe even a little bit of fear. A tunnel is an easy way to add an extra element of fun and variety.

A slide that commands a great deal of attention is often affectionately called the toilet bowl slide. These slides have a few different twists, but the traditional toilet bowl slide has one person go down a slide that leads to a bowl that they circle a few times before dropping through a hole and falling into a pool of water. These slides are often extremely popular as they are very different from the norm.

No matter what slides are chosen, it important that they are all well maintained. This provides slides that are safer, more comfortable, faster, and more fun. This means having regular inspections and updates done by professional contractors that specialize in water slides and pools.